Teachers CPD on Differentiation

Saturday 6th April 2019, we had an amazing CPD/ training conducted by Mr. Toks on the topic of differentiation. Differentiation, is a framework or philosophy for effective teaching that involves providing all students within their diverse classroom community of learners a range of different avenues for understanding new information in terms of: acquiring content; processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and developing teaching materials and assessment measures so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability. Students vary in culture, language, gender, motivation, ability/disability, personal interests and more, and teachers must be aware of these varieties as they plan curriculum. By considering varied learning needs, teachers can develop personalised instruction so that all children in the classroom can learn effectively. Teachers were given an opportunity to explore ideas and also plan and present a lesson plan which accommodates each child’s learning needs and preferences to achieve maximum growth.