Online Resources

The following is a sample of useful websites for homework help, games, activities and research materials. Awfaz Global School offers these links on the understanding that it in no way endorses the content of individual websites. Parental guidance and supervision, as always is required.

A+Math (Aplus math)
This website offers students flashcards, games and worksheets on basic mathematical functions, fractions, currency calculations, and geometric shapes.

A user-friendly educational site that provides printable materials and worksheets for immediate use by teachers and parents.

ABC education resources : learn online
Entertaining educational material from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation suitable for all age groups from Pre-School to Teriary. Resources are categorized by subject and by age group.

Arabic Language
A useful site for resources to teach and learn basic Arabic.

English Literature
This site is for older students and lovers of literature in general.

History World
An encyclopedia of world history based on a database covering 400 interconnecting narratives and 6000 selected events. This site also includes interactive tours, timelines and quizzes.

Skype in the Classroom
This site links to a variety of educational websites associated with science and environmental topics. There are a number of recent additions announced in association with Teacher’s Day 2012.