Letter to Parents

Collaboration with Hamad Medical Care Corporation on Bullying in Qatar

As part of our commitment to ensuring the well being of our students, we are constantly supporting students to increase their self-esteem and prevent bullying in the classroom, school and community. 

Hamad Medical Care Corporation will be coming to school on Thursday 25th May as part of a research project entitled: ‘Bullying in Qatar among Paediatric population: Prevalence, Aetiology and the role of adults’ Students who wish to participate in the research will complete a questionnaire. 

Presentations on Examination and Revision Skills and how to Support our Students.

You are invited to attend our presentation entitled ”Revision and Exam Skills’ and a second presentation by Dr Manasik from Hamad Medical Care Corporation on ‘Supporting Students who find it hard to focus: Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)’ in Izghawa Campus on Thursday 25th May at 11am

Parents can play a central role in supporting their child to succeed in exams. Please come to the presentation to find out more. 

There are many students who find it hard to focus on their studies and in class. Dr Manasik will be giving information on how parents can best support their son/ daughter to focus and concentrate more on their work. 

Lydia Bulmer


AWFAZ Global School