KidzMondo – 2019

Year 5 Mustangs Trip to KidzMondo

On February 20th, the Year 5 Mustangs class went on a trip to KidzMondo, located in the Mall of Qatar.

KidzMondo is a miniture city where students get to role play and learn about various careers. When the students arrive, they must go to a bank and are given ‘KidzMondo money.’ The money can be used to make purchases within the city or to partake in a fun activity like rock climbing, making ice cream, or playing football. They can even drive go carts, although they first need to get a driving license.

However, it’s not all fun and games. When students run out of money, they must ‘work’ at a job to earn more. There are many jobs to choose from, including working in a hospital, an oil refinery, a construction site, a radio station, and a news publisher. There is even a flight simulator where they can be a Qatar Airways pilot. For each job, they must first undergo ‘training’ and learn about the industry.

The students had a wonderful time at KidzMondo and they learned a lot about possible careers. Perhaps, this experience might inspire them to pursue their dreams.

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