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Career Week was celebrated by the EYFS2 during the week of 28th April to 2nd May 2019. Students were engaged in classroom activities like the Puppet dressing-Up of Professionals and making or designing of Professional hats with chosen careers by the children. In the week’s final activity day, children listened and learned about the importance of familiar jobs like Teachers, Managers, Cleaners and Security Guards. This was presented by the school’s members of staff. Children came to school dressed up in their favourite career/profession costume and had a chance to display during the EYFS assembly. Certificates were awarded to students for dressing up. Special thanks to all the teachers and parents who supported the event with their presence and participation.

Book week was celebrated around the school during the week of 31stMarch – 4th April 2019. EYFS Celebrated with lots of fun activities and storytelling by parents and teachers. The week’s activities concluded with our EYFS book week assembly. Children came to school dressed as their favourite story character. Dress up costume certificates were awarded to students and teachers. Special presentations by KG1children and runway costume display by KG2. Special thanks to all parents who graced our event with their presence and participation throughout the week.

On Thursday 28th March 2019, EYFS celebrated ‘Healthy Summer Stall Festival’. Each class designed a stall which represented selling one kind of healthy food (fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, ice-cream etc.). This was a great opportunity for the children to role-play buying and selling from the stalls while they enjoyed lots of lovely and colourful healthy foods to eat and drink. Children previously had discussions in their classrooms about healthy eating, how to avoid wasting food, and way of proper waste disposal. Our approach to educating the students on the value of the Qatari riyal using fake money was also a smart way to get the children to understand the value of our currency (QAR). It was a successful event and a very fun day for the students. Our students also had the opportunity to reflect on children around the world that may not have access to good food and water. In the end, we focussed on sharing of resources and the students have learned how to share with others.

On 15th October 2018, the Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated ‘World Food Day’ in the school. The children had discussions about healthy eating, avoid wasting food, and proper waste disposal. The children also made some healthy snack in their classrooms. It was a successful event as now the children are able to think about other people who don’t have enough food and how to share with them. The children also know how to clean up their lunch boxes nicely and put the waste in the bin properly.

On September 20 2018, the Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated an International Peace day, this activity gave children awareness about how we can acquire peace itself and to the environment. KG1 prepared Dove bird art piece symbolizing Peace while KG2 prepared a Heart art piece with white peace label. As a group activity all children stamped their finger in the peace logo as a sign of their involvement and awareness.

Theme: Science and Technology for Sustainable Future On September 30 to October 4 2018, Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated Science week along with the rest of the school. The highlights of this event were the variety of hands-on experiments, Science Show and DOME activity prepared for the students to participate in. Each class got the chance to experience the spectacular activities demonstrated by the STEM members.

31st January 2019, Early Years Foundation Stage celebrated ‘International Day’ in the school. It was a great success with International Performances prepared by all classes. Each classroom represented a different country e.g. Costa Rica, Kenya, Hawaii, Mexico, Lebanon, Indonesia, Scotland, and Philippine. The classrooms and hallways were colourfully decorated, demonstrating the diverse cultures and traditions of these countries. The children enjoys the day’s activities of coloring and best costumes of the day competitions.

Early Years Foundation Stage experiences a weekly enrichment program that includes variety of activities tailored to showcase talents, creativity of the children and also to enrich them with skill to enhance their growth and development. KG1 students’ enrichment program was demonstrated different ways of wearing a scarf, instructed by Ms. Justine (KG2 teacher). KG2 students enjoyed planting activity; steps involved in planting a seed, instructed by Ms Pam. This programmed has been planned to continue throughout the academic year.

Olympics/Colour Day - was held on Thursday, 15th November 2018 in the school premises. This event was fun-filled with activities enjoyed by EYFS children and the rest of the school. Students participated in various activities which built on their knowledge of colours and physical skills. Students dressed in different coloured T- shirts and our sports hall was brightly and colourfully decorated.