Inter-School Spelling Bee On March 28th, 2018, four of our students participated in an inter-school spelling bee. The competition was hosted by Edison International Academy, at their Al Markhiya campus and involved students from six different international schools. The format of the competition followed international spelling bee protocol. Each student was called up individually and was given a word to spell. If they made a mistake, they were eliminated. All of our students represented our school well and made us proud. The competition was challenging and the vocabulary was difficult, but they rose to the occasion gallantly. Overall, it was an enjoyable event and we hope to participate again in the future. Congratulations to the students who participated: Khaled Waled Khaled (Al-Haj Eid) Mohammed Tarish Al-Mansoori Rasha Najeeb Alli Sara Ali Mansour Al-Kaabi

Year 10 Science This week the year 10 students are conducting investigations and observing the trends in reactivity of metals. A 'flame test' is an analytic procedure used in Chemistry to detect the presence of certain elements and metal ions based on the colour of flame obtained when they are put in a flame. All students worked safely following proper science procedures during their investigations. They also had lots of fun working cooperatively in their groups to identify the metals they were testing. Ms. Fatima Ibrahim HoD Science

Awfaz Izghawa Campus celebrated International day on Thursday 21st January. It was a great success with the International Market and Key Stage Performances. We will like to thank the parents who came to support this event. Money raised will be decided by the pupils to purchase reading books or educational games to promote raising literacy skills.

On January 9th, 2018 Awfaz-Izghawa campus recognized staff for their hard work and dedication in turning Awfaz into the best school possible. These individuals have been a constant mainstay of professionalism and a shining example of what we are becoming here at the Awfaz – Izghawa campus. Please take time out to congratulate these employees on their staff of the month recognition.

إنطلاقًا من رؤية مدرسة أوفاز العالمية الخاصة بأهمية ترسيخ الهوية الوطنية لدى طلابها وتعزيز الانتماء الوطني لديهم ؛ وذلك من خلال تسليط الضوء على القيم والتقاليد القطرية الشعبية الموروثة وتعليمها لطلابها، فقد قامت المدرسة بالمشاركة في فعالية " عرضة هل قطر" التابعة لوزارة التعليم والتعليم العالي بالتعاون مع اللجنة المنسقة لاحتفالات اليوم الوطني . وإليكم بعض صور الطلاب أثناء التدريب . ز

On May 17th, Awfaz Global School celebrated the graduation of Year 6 students at Katara Cultural Centre. Weeks prior to the ceremony, students prepared for a short production about the future of Qatar. The play was written and directed by our assistant CEO, Mr. Mahmoud Jarche and received with applause. To the surprise of the parents, each Year 6 class took the stage to perform a dance. This was a secret project that Year 6 students worked on, the days leading to graduation. The confidence and perseverance that Ms. Prudence and Ms. Lydiam instilled in their students all year long came to surface during these performances. The dances were exciting and lively and parents were tapping their feet in enjoyment. Year 6 graduates beamed as they crossed the stage and received their diplomas, officially marking the beginning of their secondary school journey. Finally, students performed the song "We Are the World" alongside their teachers, concluding the graduation ceremonies. Congratulations to our Year 6 graduates, their parents and teachers for a fantastic year of academic improvement, maturity and self-discovery. It's time for the next chapter; secondary school awaits you in September!​

In Drama we build confidence: ‘Confidence? It’s that life skill every young person needs. On the 15th and 16th March 2017, we celebrated the success of our FIRST Primary Drama PRODUCTION, students, parents and teachers worked collaboratively in order to make sure the show ran smoothly, and it did. The students were all risk-takers and they displayed great confidence, commitment and cooperation throughout the whole process and during the shows, Production "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." We thank all the parents and teachers who supported this drama production and made it into an unforgettable experience for all of us.

International Book Day. At the culmination of our 2017 Literacy Week, on March 2nd students, and staff alike, donned their best storybook costumes for International Book Day to celebrate authors, illustrators and - most importantly, the joy and value of reading books! In the run up to the event, students decorated their classrooms in line with the theme of their favourite book, this included The Cat in the Hat, Where the Wild Things Are - only to name a few. On the day itself, students from each year group was awarded a certificate for Best Costume A wonderful time was definitely had by all! We thank the English and Art Departments for making the event a success. Written by Ms Fahariya W. Suleiman, School Librarian & Head of Events.

April 3rd, 2017 saw members of staff being treated to 'Paint Night' - an after school session organised by our Art Department, wherein tutorials were given on brush stroke techniques, how to create depth of field as well as how to blend acrylic paint. Under the tutelage of our Head of Art - Mrs Kotteeswari, staff created masterpieces of a night time landscape. As well as giving time for staff to relax, in the spirit of healthy competition the top 5 pieces were to be selected by our Principal - Mrs Christiana Nwandu, to be displayed in the Art Exhibition. A special thank you to the Art Department and other members of staff who volunteered to make the session a great success. Written by Miss Fahariya W. Suleiman, School Librarian & Head of Events.

Art exhibition. Our 2017 Art exhibition was a celebration of the hard work and creativity of students throughout this academic year. Our assembly hall was completely transformed into an Art Showroom, decorated in a myriad of colours and draped in silk blinds to section the pieces of art. The exhibition highlighted the importance of the preservation of our planet, with students' artwork ranging from marine life to forest scenes, as well as the use of recycled material - thus emphasising the responsibility students have in protecting the world around them. We were joined by parents, as well as our CEO, Mrs Fatima Al Kubaisi, and Assistant CEO, Mr Mahmoud Jarche - as well Principals from the Dafna campuses, Mrs Mana Kalek and Juliet Nwosa. Thank you to the Art Department for organising such a successful event, of which students were proud to have been contributors of, as well giving parents the opportunity to see the many possibilities of creativity in the visual arts. Written by Ms Fahariya W. Suleiman, School Librarian & Head of Events.

Afwaz Global School 2017 Spelling Bee This May, over the course of three days, Awfaz Global School hosted its first school-wide Spelling Bee. The event allowed students from years 1-9 to showcase their spelling skills in a competitive contest. Prior to the contest, students were given a sample word list to study at home and practice spelling bees were held in class. On the day of the spelling bee, students gathered in the hall with their whiteboards in hand, while the moderator called out words. This was an elimination style contest and the final three remaining students were each awarded a medal. Thank you to all teachers, parents, and students, who helped to make this a successful event. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we hope this will become an annual tradition at Afwaz. The winners for each category were: Year 1 1st- Yusef Muhammed Gajaria 2nd- Jassim Abdulhakeem Al-Nandi 3rd- Hamda Saoud Al-Mohannadi Year 2 1st- Hamad Fahad Al-Mahmoudi 2nd- Mohammed Tariq Abdulmotaleb 3rd- Daania Najeeb Alli Key Stage 2 Boys 1st- Abdullah Taresh Al-Mansouri 2nd- Ahmed Jaber Ektiar 3rd- Saleh Suhail Key Stage 2 Girls 1st – Nusaiba Amtulnoor Abdul Aziz Dad Khan 2nd- Haya Faysel Al Naemi 3rd- Kinda Omar Gahrayben Key Stage 3 Boys 1st- Hamad Nader Al Sayed 2nd- Al- Waleed Ala ’Al Din 3rd- Mohammed Essa Abdulla Key Stage 3 Girls 1st- Sara Al Malki 2nd- Noor Abdeltawab 3rd- Ayah Azabanee

Awfaz Students put to work! Awfaz students spent the day as law abiding "kidizens" in the all-purpose built Kidzmondo city at Qatar Mall. Students were aptly introduced to the complexities of the adult professional world - such as management of time and of their "Kidlars" - the appropriately named currency of the city. Alongside AGS inculcating students to be responsible global citizens, as "kidizens" students developed a further understanding of citizenship values . The skills of students were also tested in a variety of career opportunities, such as within the field of aviation, the legal profession, performing arts - only to name a few. Miss Fahariya W. Suleiman School librarian

Science in action at Awfaz Global school – Izghawa campus Throughout terms 1 and 2, students have eagerly been enhancing their learning of science through carrying out various investigations and practical activities in the science lab. This is evident in their confidence in handling scientific equipment and planning scientific investigations to test concepts learnt in lesson. So far, KS3 students have demonstrated apt practical skills in the following investigations and practical activities: Forces, Combustion reactions (burning candle) Methods for Separating Mixtures, Conditions necessary for iron to rust, Endothermic and Exothermic reactions and Static Electricity I wholly look forward to more practicals being carried out; more so for our prospective Year 10 students. Ms Fatima Ibrahim Head of Science (Secondary)

Last Monday Awfaz hosted the Annual School Sports Day - but with a twist! This year saw all three campuses, Dafna, Duhail and Izghawa come together in the battle of the House Teams. Despite the rain, the day went without a hitch - Al Gharaffa Sports Club was able to withstand the ruckus, excitement and House spirit of all campuses in their bid to seize the winning cup. Students, and staff alike, were decked up in their respective House colours - Red for the Sand Cats, Yellow for the Golden Jackals, Green for Oryx and Blue for the Gazelles. The event naturally started off with a quick warm up in preparation for the jam-packed day of team games. The arrival of special guests Hashim Zaidan Zaidan and the Captain of the Qatari National Basketball team - Yasseen Ismail Musa, of whom would present the cups, indicated the culmination of the games. After an anticipated wait for the counting of scores, the results were finally in! Coming in 4th place were the Oryx, in 3rd place the Gazelles, 2nd place the Golden Jackals and in 1st place the Sand Cats! Win or lose - the House spirit was such that was infectious and made the day a joy to be a part of. A major thank you to the Heads, the PE department, Al Gharaffa Sports Club, all the organisers, members staff as well as the parents who came to show their support for such a fantastic day and helping us to enjoy National Sports Day in style.