World Peace Day 2017- 18

World Peace Day

World Peace is the right of all, AGS, Dafna celebrated the World Peace Day on September 21, 2017.

A variety of programs were held to celebrate this day and send out  the message of peace and  well being for all on Earth .All  classes  drafted their own peace pledge and promised to  commit to it and spread the message of peace. Pupils and staff were dressed in Blue – colour symbolizing Peace .  A special assembly was held to commemorate this day,   pupils sang a peace song and planted a peace garden. The student council members spoke about famous people who fought for peace and tolerance. Students made special posters and wrote messages on peace which were displayed throughout the campus. All the pupils gathered on the playground in the formation of a peace sign, the principal released a white dove symbolizing peace and freedom.  We at AGS Dafna   pledged to commit to world peace, tolerance and universal brotherhood