Principal’s Message

My name is Andrew Grant and I have been an educator and administrator for over 35 years in Australia, China and the Middle East.  I am absolutely delighted and very proud to be the new Principal of Awfaz Global School Dafna Primary Campus.  Our school is a positive hive of activity with outstanding staff and enthusiastic children and I am confident that I will enjoy many years with you here.

By following the UK national curriculum, we ensure that each of our students are bilingual at the completion of their education.  Our ultimate aim is to produce effective global citizens with a lifelong love of learning who are fully prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. These aims are an integral part of our schools vision and mission, something that we take very seriously. At Dafna campus, we work hard at creating a safe and secure learning environment where our children are encouraged to take responsible risks with their learning and develop self confidence through a variety of extra curricular, school and community activities.

All of our students are seen as valuable individuals and we ensure that each child achieves their personal best by instructing them in differentiated classrooms.  Our SEN and Gifted and Talented Programs have been designed to cater for all of our students needs and the Peer Support program provides our Senior Primary students with the opportunity to give back to the school by assisting the younger Key Stage 1 students in the core subjects of Reading and Mathematics.  Research shows that this interaction has huge academic benefits to both the younger student and the older student. Our staff are trained in World’s Best Practice in teaching methods and planning and our students are instructed in a way that ensures all of our students preferred learning methods are provided for.

We, at Awfaz Global Schools,  take pride in our mission to develop high moral values in our students. We embrace both our Qatari and Islamic heritage whilst preparing our students to succeed internationally. I am confident that Dafna Primary Campus will continue to grow and evolve as the needs of our students develop.  This is such an exciting prospect that I can’t wait to be a part of.

I look forward to meeting you all as the year progresses.


Andrew Grant

Principal of Awfaz Global School

Dafna Primary Campus