Principal’s Message

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to Awfaz Global School (AGS), our innovative and supportive school in the heart of Doha. We deliver an education to our children through the British curriculum, which is a great education system that will allow your child to continue their education internationally, or into the British education system. Our curriculum has been specially developed to meet international standards, Middle East standards, the needs of our students and the requirement of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. AGS will always strive for academic attainment and personal wellbeing of all our students in an inclusive community where every student is valued and celebrated.

Our goals as educators are to ensure that all our students are supported academically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, culturally and socially; a truly holistic education that prepares them to learn for life and contribute to the global world. Here at AGS, our students are exposed to a dynamic and challenging learning environment that empowers all learners and I believe that it is our duty as a school to add value to all our students by helping them achieve academic success and the joy of learning in an inclusive community.

The success of our students is not measured by their academic achievement alone, but also by the development of their social skills, interpersonal skills and their contribution to the wider community. At AGS, we encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits. From an early age, we encourage pupils to be dynamically intellectual, culturally creative and globally inclined, so by the time they leave key stage two; they are well prepared for the expected and they can tackle the unknowns in this ever-changing world. 

As a forward thinking school, we are committed to ensuring that Awfaz Global School is recognised as one of the leading schools in the Middle East, not only for its academic provision but also for our holistic child development. Educating children is an absolute privilege but also a huge responsibility that Awfaz Global School and its entire staff take extremely serious. If you are considering sending your child to the AGS, please come and visit, hear from our wonderful members of staff, students, the wider community and talk to me about our shared vision for the school.

Kind Regards,

Toks Soniyi


Awfaz Global Schools (Dafna Campus).