Aims & Objectives

Core Values

  • Respect, Understanding and Tolerance
  • Independence and Responsibility
  • Compassion and Caring for Others and the Environment
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Hard Working and Positive Attitude

School Learning Results

Effective communicators who express ideas, emotions and personal experiences clearly and creatively through speaking, reading, writing and listening effectively; demonstrating competency in reading and writing in English and Arabic.

Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers who apply creativity and persistence in defining problems and developing strategies to solve them by integrating learning and applying solutions when they arise and are flexible in light of change, and new information.

Self-directed learners who set, achieve and reflect on personal and collective goals. They can reflect critically on their own strengths and weaknesses, taking responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and success.

Global citizens who understand their own place in the world. They understand the importance of multiculturalism, and develop a set of morals and responsibility according to global ideas. They reflect on the society they live in, and the important role it plays in the world.

Life-long learners who understand the role education has in their lives. They strive to take their learning beyond Awfaz Global School, developing a pursuit of knowledge that will last the rest of their lives.