Teacher's Day Celebrations The school celebrated Teacher's Day through fun activities, showcasing the importance of teachers.

Students learned about red colour by engaging in multi sensory activities involving.

CUSTODIAN APPRECIATION DAY: 16 MAY, 2019 Our students and staff prepared cards and other presents to show their appreciation for the work done by our custodians i.e. security guard, cleaners and driver.

Career Day: 2019 Our students celebrated career day by coming to school dressed as their favorite professionals and engaging in fun activities.

Field Trip to Arts and Crafts Center: 28-29 April Our students visited arts and crafts center to enjoy painting ceramic toys of their choice.

Healthy Cooking Day: 25 April 2019 Our students engaged in hands on activities to prepare and serve healthy food in their classrooms.

READING DAY: 4th of April Students learned about the importance of books and reading through performances and activities.

Summer Stall Carnival: 7th March: KG students learned the basics of trade by setting up stalls and shopping from different stalls.

INTERNATIONAL DAY: 21 February 2019 Students celebrated diversity by learning about different countries around the world.

Messy Day: 17 January, 2019 Children engaged in all kinds of fun-messy activities to use their creativity in full freedom.

Students are being taught to be more independent and also develop their motor skills by engaging them in real life activities.

Kindergarten students learned about trade and purchasing by mock shopping from the colorful food stalls with replica money. In addition, it was also an introduction of the popular food and attired used in summer.