Academic Director’s Message

A warm welcome to Awfaz Global School. At Awfaz, we see education as a positive journey that surrounds the whole child by inspiring, engaging and preparing every child to reach their highest potential. Our mission and vision are goals we implement as a way of life that encourages students to continually improve themselves to become not only responsible but positive and effective global citizens.

We know the world is continually changing and with this in mind, it is imperative that every child is given the right guidance and opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and character as life tools to cope with all of life’s many challenges.

Education at Awfaz surrounds every child’s full requirements consisting of academic, pastoral, health and well-being, confidence and leadership all within a safe, enriching environment.

We deliver the National Curriculum of England and Wales that improves student independent learning and analytical skills. We recognize that everyone is unique and with this we deliver individualized, tailored, student centered learning.

We have worked extremely hard to upkeep our high standards resulting in our school being ranked 14th out of all schools in Qatar from the Ministry of Education due to excellence and parent satisfaction.

We encourage you to enjoy our website and welcome your visit.

Best regards,

Mrs. Mana Kalek

Academic Director

Awfaz Global Schools