Principal’s Message

I cordially welcome you to Awfaz KG School. My name is Tasneem K. Ali and I am the new head of Awfaz Kindergarten at Duhail. I am a licenced Montessori/ECE educator, with a master’s degree in Educational Leadership with over 15 years of work experience in education.

As the head of KG it is my mission to always put my students first! I strongly believe that all students can learn, and it is our job as educators to support all of their needs. All children are different and we need to discover how each child learns in order to differentiate our instruction to support diverse learning styles. At Awfaz, through our collaborative efforts, we strive to provide an environment where children can thrive in every possible way; we encourage our students to aim high and work hard in their studies, and to be sensitive to the rights and needs of others as responsible citizens.

“It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach child the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities.” Maria Montessori

I believe a school must be a place where students want to learn and have fun. At Awfaz we strive to provide a learning environment that is positive, safe, caring; a fun place to learn and grow. My goal is to invest time in getting to know everyone in the Awfaz school community – the students, parents, families, teachers, staff, and community members. The dedicated staff at Awfaz will work together with the priority of having every student’s best interest at heart.

I would like to request all parents to stay involved. This can be accomplished by staying in contact with your child’s teacher. We will make it a point to keep you consistently informed about your child’s progress and address your concerns and queries promptly. This form of parent-teacher collaborative monitoring will help ensure the success of your child’s education and well-being.

Thank you once again for being a part of Awfaz community.

Mrs. Tasneem Ali 
Head of EYFS